A dream so real – and one with a dear friend

Have you ever dreamt so vividly it seemed like real life? Perhaps a helpful or prophetic message came through. History is brimming with examples of people getting help, support, inspiration, healing, direction, and more through their dreams.

These last two years I have been writing a book about how to open to personal wisdom, access guidance from spiritual beings, and communicate with loved ones now in heaven. Dreams play an important role, and the other day I followed a nudge to look into an old dream journal. Two caught my attention.

I had forgotten the first dream completely. In it, a friend said that sometimes we are asked by the Divine to share our gifts in service to others. Then some other Being instructed: “Share your stories of the practical aid your guardian angel helpers have given you. Help give the message that their aid is available to everyone.” When I looked at the entry date, I was amazed: it was twelve years ago, long before I had any inkling about writing a book, let alone one on this very topic!

The next journal entry was from the following day. While relaxing with my infant son, I had slid gently into a contemplative prayer.

I found myself on the other side of the veil visiting Faye, a dear mentor friend. It was pure joy to be with her. She told me how wonderful my baby is, and then she said, “I hear you are working on a book.” (Wow, word got around even before it got to me!) In our Soul-to-Soul conversation, I said to her, “I could use funny stories that help me and others with young children.”

Faye suggested that I ask Eric a question, so I asked him, “What do you want, Eric?”

Then I perceived my baby son say inwardly, “I want a million dollars, a new car, a college fund, but most of all—your love!”

I told my now 13-year-old son this experience, and he could hardly believe his ears. We both had a big laugh!

Yes, dreams and inner communications are real. The Divine is helping us awaken to who and what we really are—eternal beings of love—Soul—sparks of Divine Love.

And as we awaken, we can give our unique gifts. It can happen at any time!

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Rhonda Ings