Workshops and Consultations

Successful Discovery Is Our Passion

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Our workshop and consultation series are designed to empower the success of participants in their own Journeys of Discovery. 

Each series of six highly interactive sessions emphasizes the practice of Discovery techniques, provides immediate feedback, and supports success. Our aim is for our clients to become so inspired and empowered, they continue their Journeys of Discovery on their own. 

We provide a remarkably effective way to access the personal wisdom within and engage the guidance that is just right for each individual. We teach how to open to the inner wisdom that best serves each person. These techniques and tools enhance whatever direction in life a person chooses.

For more information about any of the Discovery Series described below—or your particular interests—please contact us:

In this inspiring discovery series, participants will practice easing the journey through grief and opening lines of communication with loved ones in Heaven. This is a proven process that opens the doors of insight, love, and awareness.

In this powerful discovery series, participants will practice opening awareness, resolving issues, and finding creative solutions and next steps in life. Whether you’re wondering about your mission in life and wanting to move forward, assessing your relationships, considering work or career moves, or wanting to discover solutions for problems, this workshop offers all this and more.

In this discovery series, participants will practice drawing out innovative solutions to problems, take inspired action, and learn from the results. This process works for everyone, from scientists and engineers to artists and poets and everyone in between.

In this fascinating discovery series, participants will practice drawing out and living the wisdom within, gaining clarity of purpose, enhanced enjoyment of life, and increased overall awareness.

Love is the greatest force in the universe. In this special discovery series, participants will practice living the wisdom and love they tap into through the practice of discovery. Gain insights into the profound nature of love and how it resonates with everything you do and everyone you meet. Learning to harness this force changes everything for the better!

In this innovative discovery series, you will practice opening inner and outer communications with loved ones, including those who are with you now and those who have passed on. Use these sessions to open communication or to resolve issues, heal grief, and move your relationships to a higher level.

Balance keeps daily life in harmony and helps us to enjoy life to the fullest. In this interactive discovery series, participants practice developing balance in their lives by drawing on the wisdom within. Work with simple yet effective techniques to tap into the wisdom within and use it to create balance and harmony in every aspect of life: health, relationships, work/recreation, and spirituality.