A Surprise Memorial Day Visit with My Heavenly Family—More Valuable than Gold

Have you ever had an inner visit with a loved one who is no longer living in the physical? If we accept that these visits are possible, these precious Soul-to-Soul connections can happen in a dream, as an intuitive knowing, and in other ways. This one came on Memorial Day several years ago, while I was lying in bed, suddenly awake at 4 AM.

I felt the inner presence of my dear, departed paternal grandparents greeting me. I picked up my journal as Grandpa smiled, saying, “Hello my mazik (mischievous one)!” His endearing nickname for me tickled my heart. I welcomed them and then noticed other departed members of Dad’s family joining us. I decided to write down our conversation as it happened, even at that early hour.

How did I get here?

My regular practice of Writing for Discovery™ had opened my awareness to these periodic, loving visits from my heavenly family. Writing for Discovery is a system of special techniques for awakening senses of perception we all have, but most of us rarely use. A benefit of this technique that I love is it creates a real-time written record of what I am experiencing during these inner visits.

Honesty and Love

My departed family spoke with honesty and love about a painful family dynamic from when they were alive, and how it had affected everyone. Their gracious sharing opened new understanding for me, and as I expressed my gratitude to each of them, my heart opened even further.

Then my Aunt Jenny, who had died when I was a young child, greeted me and said, “Thank you for taking the time with us. We love you!”

“I love you all so very much!” I replied.

Then Aunt Mollie, Uncle Dave, and Cousin Jack appeared in my inner vision. A wave of emotion overcame me. It had been so many years since I had last seen them. I felt a lump in my throat and tears came to my eyes.

“We’ve not gone too far away,” Cousin Jack stated, smiling brightly.

“Yes,” I said between sobs, “I’m glad to be with you now.”

Smiling, Jack replied, “We’re here watching over the family and giving you our blessings.”

Reveling in their presence and love, I exclaimed, “This is a miracle—being able to communicate with you!” Then, smiling, I said, “When I tell the earthly side of our family about this visit, I know someone will say, ‘You should have asked for the lottery numbers!’”

 “If we could, we would, but you’ve got me—the real ‘Jackpot!’” Jack joked.

I laughed.

Then, suddenly, he was holding a pot of gold, and he asked me, “Where do you want it?”

“In my heart!” I smiled.

 “You’ve already got it!” Jack emphasized. “And tell others that the heart is where the real gold can be found.”

“Yes,” I replied, “it’s like the story of four strangers knocking on someone’s door. The owner answers, and one stranger announces, ‘We are Love, Health, Wealth, and Wisdom. You may invite only one of us to come in. Which do you choose?’ The man thought long and hard. Then he invited Love to come in, and Love and Love’s companions—Health, Wealth, and Wisdom—all entered his home.”

All good things

“Yes! Love ushers in all good things,” Jack stated and continued, “Encourage others to open their hearts to love—the kind that gives even when you don’t feel like it—the kind that listens gently to a fragile or troubled heart. Take time to help another simply for the sake of love and love alone while being okay without recognition or reward. You will find you have more energy. There will be a lightness, a feeling of joy, as more love and love’s marvels flow through you. What you give—you shall receive and more!” Jack shared brightly.

“Thank you, Jack, and thanks to my whole mishpachah (family)!”

I noticed the top of my head tingling, and a warm glow of joy spreading throughout my being. Then it dawned on me that it was Memorial Day weekend, and I was having an early morning surprise reunion with my heavenly family. What a wonderful way to start the holiday!

Emily Dickinson wrote a famous poem entitled, “I Dwell in Possibility.” When we open our hearts to the possibilities that life offers us, we can truly experience the gifts that love ushers in—and they are worth more than gold!

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Rhonda Ings