Tapping into the Wisdom and Love Within…

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Writing For Discovery™... Just beyond the limits of everyday consciousness is a vast pool of insight, wisdom, and inspiration.

Few traditional practices for accessing this pool are suited to the pace and circumstances of modern life.

Now there are simple, powerful tools anyone can use to open the wisdom, balance, and inspiration already within and create a better and more productive life.

We have used these tools in our lives and in our professions for decades. We have taught thousands how to use them, and we want to share these techniques with you.

Are you ready for the thrill of discovery?

Our Mission

The mission of Living Our Love is to empower others to fulfill their potential and make life more productive and joyful.

Your journey is yours. We provide ways to help you tap into your wisdom and use it to travel your own path more successfully.

Below are the Core Elements of Our Service

All our workshops and consultations utilize whole-brain, whole-consciousness techniques that can help expand awareness and capabilities while maintaining balance and grace.

The unique techniques we provide can enable a greatly enhanced life and empower achievement of the highest aspirations. The depth of benefits gained grows with consistent practice.

Our service is designed so that participants can quickly experience the improvement the Process of Discovery can make in their lives.


Our intention is that upon completing a workshop or consultation series, the benefits participants experience will inspire them to continue the practice, whether or not they ever work with us again.


What people are saying

Writing for Discovery has been very valuable to me in my communication and in getting answers. I am so thankful to both of you for sharing these techniques with us. I’m so excited to continue to practice and to see where it will take me. I’m hoping that more people will be able to benefit from your amazing class. It has been very meaningful to me and will be an essential part of my daily practice.



I want to thank both of you for offering this workshop. It’s been very nice getting to know you and you make it so easy to be in the group. You both have a very good presentation style that comes across as welcoming, sincere, and inviting. You also explain techniques clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. All the techniques you presented are very useful. Thank you both for the 6 sessions that we have had together. You both do an excellent job!


Mary Ann

In my writing exercise on grief, I met with two dear, deceased friends. Since one was a was an artist and the other was a seamstress, I asked them to help me with my sewing and painting, and they said, ‘We are!’ It was so delightful to recognize that they are still around me! In this class, it’s wonderful to see the respect and love between the two of you! And that has made this class even better! You two are very respectful of each other and you both hold the space of the class very well. This class has deepened my understanding. It has been a real delight!



The Writing for Discovery workshops provide invaluable tools to enhance every aspect of one’s life. I love the insights, techniques and exercises that Rhonda and David Ings share. They help everyone who attends their classes — no matter one’s experience level or background — break through old limitations and open to greater inner wisdom. Thanks so much!



There are many workshops out there, but what you two offer is unique and very special. Your years of training and experience definitely shine through. I love everything you present and the wisdom surrounding your work. Thanks so much for all that you are doing to help others. What a gift you are. I highly recommend your workshops. They are worth their weight in gold and provide tools that will last a lifetime.



I have written many things over the years including my doctoral dissertation and found the free-writing technique to be the easiest, most enjoyable way of writing. I did not have to "work"—the words just flowed.  I found the entire experience with Dave and Rhonda Ings to be quite enlightening.




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