Dialogue with Dad About Communicating with Loved Ones in Heaven

Often, I sit in quiet contemplation and connect with my family who are already in the heavenly worlds. These conversations regularly astonish me, revealing information that I never knew and wisdom I have never considered. It began at a time in my life when I needed help and guidance.

Some of these blogs are included in the book my husband Dave and I are writing. We are teaching others the unique discovery techniques we use that allow for this type of remarkable exchange. I have been concerned about revealing my conversations with my family. The point of the book is to encourage others to open their own door to this magnificent dialogue and healing of the heart. But I also wonder, who am I to teach such a thing?

I ask inwardly, “is there somebody I should be talking with at this moment?”

“Your father wants to say something,” I hear inwardly as a gentle nudge. (Dad passed to heaven in 2018.)

And then, I hear his voice. 

“My daughter, you don’t need to worry about what others may say or think about what you are doing. They don’t know or understand you—just as I didn’t understand you when I was there. Now, it is different—I’ve come to understand so much more. I want you to know that your ability is nothing to fear. You can rejoice and celebrate what you have learned and what you are sharing! What you are doing will allow you to teach others how to do the same.

“There is no need to be concerned about what others may believe about your project. If you were strutting around, bragging, ‘Look at me, look at what I can do,’ then that would be another thing altogether. But you are diametrically opposed to that—it’s not your nature to brag and strut. In fact, you would rather stay at home if you could. I know you! Even though you are outgoing, you are also very private. Privacy is something I cherish, too. 

“I unconsciously allowed my fears of others’ opinions of me trap me in a closed loop: damned if I do, and damned if I don’t. I certainly don’t wish that for you! I’m glad you are taking steps to move past your programming and fears.

“Fears, by the way, are really a person’s programming on steroids—they work overtime to keep you stuck in that groove! So, my darling, what do you wish to do? Stay safe in your cocoon, or break out and see the world?”

I am crying and laughing. Oh wow, I realize Dad really gets me!

“Yes,” I say, “I want to see the world, discover and learn, and mostly be of service for Divine Spirit!”

Dad confesses: “Of course, my daughter, I only spoke of my experience with my fears: I trapped myself. It is important to look beyond your own fears into the hearts of others.” 

“Really? But you told me I was wild.”

“I meant that you are free, and I was afraid of that. But it was because of your Spirit—it glows so much! I was in awe.”

“Thank you, Dad. Your words explain so much. You inspire and lift me!”

“Tell your Mama that I love her and embrace her with my heart!”

“I sure will, Dad! Thank you so much for being my dad! You are truly beloved by all of us—and especially by me, Dad. Thank you, and I love you always and forever!”

I sense his gentle, loving kiss on my forehead and a tickle in my heart. I feel his love for me. And his gratitude for our on-going connection.

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Rhonda Ings